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Kevin Verses

Kevin, a middle schooler in on a mission be cool and liked. He’s always willing to risk putting himself out there to increase his reputation among classmates and “pseudo friends”, but ironically gets the most resistance from his Caribbean mother who only cares about him behaving in an orderly manner. Whether it’s classmates, anxiety, or his mother, it’s always Kevin verses something or somebody on his quest for relevance.

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Film Credits


Corey Neufville, Paula Gammon Wilson

Marc Allen was born in Oregon City, Oregon as Mark Bowman. Grew up in Salem, Oregon until 1990 when he finished high school. After high school he moved to California. In 2000 he moved to Nashville, Tn. Has lived in Murfreesboro, TN since 2009. Has had some acting experience in all fields of the business (Theater, Commercial, Film and Television). Marc is an experienced background actor for major motion pictures with the goal and ambition to move to a "working actor" title. Marc owns Raging Cowboy Productions with his wife, Angel. They also own Forgiven Son Productions, a faith based company under the Raging Cowboy Productions umbrella. In 2012, Raging Cowboy Productions released the award winning film "Living In Sin" and since have released the short films "Samantha" and "Speed Kills" under Forgiven Son Production. The most recent release is "The Stranger" under Forgiven Son Production. In addition to filming, Marc has written award winning screenplays "Retribution" and "Screamer". Marc's goal would be to help the local talent grow in their craft and career. Without them there would not be any Raging Cowboy Productions or Forgiven Son Productions.


Producer - Corey Neufville
Writer - Corey Neufville

Key Cast

Cenophia Mitchell
Rokia L. Shearin
Jason Yudoff
Billy Bob Thompson
Roxann Remekie
Corey Neufville
Paula Gammon Wilson


Genré: Teen Drama
Runtime: 11 minutes 1 second
Country of Origin: United States

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