Baby Fingers

In a world where one is expected to cut off their own fingers, one small kid has the bravery to ask “Y doe”, A question that could only bring misery, Or a mediocre satire. guess you gonna have to watch it and find out.
Baby Fingers film poster

Film Credits


Adrian Dalen


Adrian Dalen - Writer
Adrian Dalen - Producer
Adrian Dalen - Animation
Audun Andreas Erikstad Løkås - Animation
Herman Gording - sound engineer
Adrian Dalen - Backgrounds
Ulrik Authén Korneliussen - Backgrounds
Christine Vihovde - Backgrounds

Key Cast

Main kid - "Nic Ferg"
Grandmother - "Arielle Demilecamps"
Gallery dad - "Victor Eaves"
Cafe guy - "Tayojet"
Gun lady - "Debra Davenport"
Doctor - "Jakob Fløtre Eiring"
Sensible Hobo - "Sahil Massey"
Off-screen guy - "Ulrik Authén Korneliussen"
Bus driver - "Adrian Dalen"
Sandbox Friend - "Oscar Harley Monks"


Genré: Comedy, horror, science fiction, action, stop motion
Runtime: 5 minutes 48 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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