Honey Drop

In the deep, lush forest, an oddball pair of grizzly bears discover an unexpected food source. Unfortunately, one impatient bear makes a rash decision that drops him into a regretful and painful consequence.
Honey Drop film poster

Film Credits


Brandon Lopez

Brandon Lopez is a 3D Animator and Filmmaker currently studying at DePaul University of Chicago, Illinois in pursuit of an MFA degree in animation. In 2018, he graduated at Rutgers University-Camden of New Jersey with a BA in animation. Through the use of 3D animation and emphasis on exaggeration, his main goal is to create narratives that evoke emotions.


Brandon Lopez - Producer
Michael Ruiz - Voice Cast
Brandon Lopez - Character Modeling
Brandon Lopez - 3D Rigging
Brandon Lopez - 3D Animation
Brandon Lopez - 3D Rendering
Shu Ning Chia - 3D Rendering
Shu Ning Chia - 3D Lighting
Shu Ning Chia - 3D Layout
Shu Ning Chia - Environment Modeling
Shu Ning Chia - Post-Production
Shu Ning Chia - Cinematography
Brandon Lopez - Sound Design
Shu Ning Chia - Sound Design
Soomastudio - Music
Min Min Hu - Title & Credit Design


Genré: Short Animation
Runtime: 2 minutes 9 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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