Modoru’s production began immediately after my friends and I landed back in Australia after spending several weeks in the Japanese countryside over a year ago. Mixed with newfound inspiration and melancholy for not having a clue what my senior film would be, I started brainstorming experiences and settings that would be engaging and more importantly, challenging to work on.

However, I knew a large chunk of my time would be invested into this, and I wanted to make something that was sentimental and related to my friends; our own campy horror adventure.
Modoru film poster

Film Credits


Kate Schumann

Born as a baby, Kate grew into a child that could kinda draw, then she grew into an adult with anxiety issues who's really bad at summarizing her life.


Kate Schumann - Writer
Mark Lycette - Producer
David Pennay - Producer
Aaron McLoughlin - Producer
Kate Black - Producer
Kate Schumann - Animation
Kate Schumann - Background Art
Jonas McCartha - Music
Kate Schumann - Sound Design
James McIntosh - Sound Design
Mark Kellow - Sound Design

Key Cast

Kate Schumann - "Girl 2, Slit Mouth Lady"
James McIntosh - "Guy 1"
Kess Nicole - "Girl 1"


Genré: Comedy, Personal, Action
Runtime: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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