The word ‘Alledoags’ comes from the Gronings Dialect from the Netherlands, which means mundane or ordinary but not in a negative connotation. “Alledoags” emphasizes the beauty of a routine and how PTSD can be a part of you through out your whole life, no matter what age.

Alledoags film poster

Film Credits


Moze Mertens

Moze Mertens is a young woman from the Netherlands who during her Interactive/Media/Design studies in The Hague, The Netherlands, focused on art in combination with politics and role models. She found that animation was the perfect combination for her stories, images and self-written music. Moze recently graduated from the Vancouver Film School with her first animated short movie called "Alledoags". "Alledoags" is both animated on paper and digital. Every detail including the music and editing is made by Moze.


Moze Mertens Writer / Animator / Musician / Producer


Genré: Fantasy
Runtime: 1 minute 51 seconds
Country of Origin: Netherlands

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