Almost Christmas

“Almost Christmas” is a hybrid 2D and 3D animated film which tells a story that happened on Christmas Eve. A blind girl and a wheelchair-bound boy encounter a healing light that allows them to walk and see. Together they chase the mysterious light and try to find where the magic comes from. They are led toward the final destination where they finally discover a place full of light and hope.

Almost Christmas film poster

Film Credits


Xinyuan Zhao

Xinyuan “Sherry” Zhao grew up in Beijing, China, and moved to the Newcastle area in the UK for her undergraduate study in animation school. Upon acquiring the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA), she moved to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) to extend her study in animation and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2021. Sherry is currently living in New York State and working as a concept artist and animator. While in the meantime she keeps working on independent animated short films. Her main career goal is to direct animated short films in a major production


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 4 minutes 27 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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