Apples and Soda Pop

Despite the efforts of their parents, kids will happily devour any junk food they can get their hands on. Follow a young boy’s musical adventure through dreams of sugar, chips and chocolate while his parents remain oblivious to his efforts.

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Film Credits


Eric LaBossiere, Riel Foidart

Between 2016 and 2020, members of The Mailman's Children, Justin Lacroix Band and The Mission Light teamed up to record a total of 23 original songs. In 2020, the resulting and emerging new Pop Rock band took on the name of Hello Fiasco™. The band is considered Canadian-American because four of its members currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), while lead singer and rhythm guitarist Eric LaBossiere lives in Helena, Montana (USA).

Hello Fiasco™ went on to commission Riel Foidart in producing an animated music video for their song Apples and Soda Pop. Riel is a Winnipeg based independent animator who previously worked on small projects within the community.


Riel Foidart - Animator
Riel Foidart - Editor
Eric LaBossiere - Story Writers
Joel Couture - Story Writers
Riel Foidart Story Writers
Joel Couture - Producer
Eric LaBossiere - Executive Producers
Riel Foidart - Executive Producers
Eric LaBossiere - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
Joel Couture - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
Joel Perreault - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
Ivan Burke - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
Guy Abraham - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
Jamie Lilie - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
John Paul Peters - Soundtrack Lyrics & Music
John Paul Peters - Song engineered & mixed by
John Paul Peters - Song producer
Eric LaBossiere - Song producer
Randy Merril - Song mastered


Genré: Fantasy, Comedy
Runtime: 3 minutes 33 seconds
Country of Origin: Canada

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