The Boy Who Laughs At Rain

“In a cozy living space, a Silly Boy is berated by his Moody Friend for laughing at a Rainstorm outside.”

The boy who laughs at rain film poster

Film Credits


Peterson Muldoon

Peterson is a storyboard artist and animator from Mansfield, MA. He is currently studying at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). When he was 13, his mom showed him the Lord of the Rings trilogy, pointing out the Peter Jackson cameos in each film. After figuring out what exactly a director was, Peterson knew that was the job he wanted to pursue. Aside from art, Peterson indulges himself in European comics, "Making of" documentaries, audiobooks, and riding around on his push scooter.


Travis Lee, Peterson Muldoon - Writer
Malia Carroll - Producer
Cydnee Schoolfield - Visdev Artist
Janelle Thang - Visdev Artist
Jimmy Huang - Visdev Artist
JR Rodriguez - Visdev Artist
Mary Anna Podlesak - Visdev Artist
Malia Carroll - Visdev Artist
Peterson Muldoon - Visdev Artist
Tengmiao Yu - Visdev Artist
Janelle Thang - Storyboard Artist
JR Rodriguez - Storyboard Artist
Peterson Muldoon - Storyboard Artist
Tengmiao Yu - Storyboard Artist
Cydnee Schoolfield - Layout Artist
Janelle Thang - Layout Artist
Jimmy Huang - Layout Artist
Mary Anna Podlesak - Layout Artist
Malia Carroll - Layout Artist
Peterson Muldoon - Layout Artist
Tengmiao Yu - Layout Artist
Carter Mehle - Character Animator
Evie Shih - Character Animator
JR Rodriguez - Character Animator
Mary Anna Podlesak - Character Animator
Malia Carroll - Character Animator
Peterson Muldoon - Character Animator
Tengmiao Yu - Character Animator
Audrey Rickman - Effects Animator
Camilla Scalzetti - Effects Animator
Daria Butko - Effects Animator
Natalie Mortell - Effects Animator
Cydnee Schoolfield - Cleanup Artist
Carter Mehle - Cleanup Artist
Evie Shih - Cleanup Artist
Georgio Haber - Cleanup Artist
Janelle Thang - Cleanup Artist
Jimmy Huang - Cleanup Artist
JR Rodriguez - Cleanup Artist
Mary Anna Podlesak - Cleanup Artist
Malia Carroll - Cleanup Artist
Peterson Muldoon - Cleanup Artist
Tengmiao Yu - Cleanup Artist
Ana Belen Lozan - Sound Supervisor
HyunWoo Kim - Sound Editor
Lisa Shmaraeva - Music Composer
JR Rodriguez - Editor
Peterson Muldoon - Editor
Panashe Mugadza - Writer & Singer of "Maud and Sunny"

Key Cast

Elijah McWilliams - "Narrator"
Ian Wallace - "Sunny"
Peterson Muldoon - "Maud"
Zeina H. Chaudhry - "Sunny, Maud"


Genré: Comedy Drama
Runtime: 6 minutes 2 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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