Blocked screening at GIFF - Global Indie Film Fest




Film Type: Long Short
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Runtime: 20 minutes 48 seconds

A young writer goes to outrageous lengths to find a story to write about; starting with accompanying his date back to her ex partners home in an effort to obtain valuables back and cover the cost of a damage that he recently caused.

Director Biography
Matt has been directing films since getting his hands on a video camera at age nine.

‘Blocked’ is Matt's first large scale filmmaking endeavour since completing his Creative Arts degree at the University of Southern Queensland. He is currently working on an untitled Science Fiction film, due to be completed late 2019.

During his study at USQ, he wrote and directed numerous, well received short films in addition to a writing a ninety minute feature film script.

He aims to make many unique, original, memorable and most importantly, entertaining films for years to come.


Director / Writer  - Matt Gall

Producer - Troy Riggall

Key Cast

George Harris - “Ben”
Karli Rae - “Gabby”
James Hammond - “Darren”

Giff Silver Award Long Short

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