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Boiling Frogs

Boiling Frogs

Boiling Frogs

Film Type: Short
Runtime: 10 minutes 13 seconds

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It’s about an old artist trying to have an art show, and his part-time job is a human disco ball. ted!

A fully self-fund short film by Hugo Vadasz has been there passion piece for the past year. It delves into Hugos fears of growing old, being stuck working part-time and have your art never truly understood. Hugo spent four months in the back shed of there studio building the human disco ball their self and placed 35 thousand tiles on by themselves.

Director Biography

I gravitated to the arts at an early stage. In secondary school, I studied photography and filmmaking and began to admirest in the world of film. I also shot short videos and painted murals with collaborators around Adelaide.

After finishing year 12, I spent time in Sri Lanka where I lived in a small fishing and surfing village and mixed mainly with local people. While living in Sri Lanka, I first conceptualised a script on which I am currently working.

After travelling for most of 2015, I started a degree course in filmmaking at SAE Byron Bay.

I returned to Adelaide in 2017, where I worked on the wine vintage to raise funds to make a short film, called Radicalised, which I shot, directed and edited myself. Now based in Melbourne, I recently finished my degree in filmmaking and have made a couple of my own short films and freelanced in the industry.

I began writing Boiling Frogs in 2018 and spent much of that year working on the screenplay. Nine months ago I started building the giant human disco ball pictured in the film. Since then, when not working in kitchens as a cook, I have spent the majority of my time in pre-production to make this thoroughly considered think-piece.


Director/Writer/Producer – Hugo Vadasz

Producer – Jerome Williams

Producer – Marcello Cole

Key Cast

Bralen Chatfield – “Tam”

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