Charlie – Someone’s in there - Global Indie Film Fest

Charlie – Someone’s in There

Charlie – Someone’s in there

Charlie – Someone’s in there

Film Type: Short
Genres: Black Comedy, Horror, LGBT
Runtime: 14 minutes 2 seconds

Charlie is about love while Apocalypse wind destroys everything. Antonio fights for the love towards his companion and his dad and faces one of the hardest choice in his whole life.

Director Biography - Paolo Casarolli
Graduated in show sciences.
Thesis: "Chaplin and Verdoux, two stories that intertwine".
Graduated in modern letters.
Thesis: "The Dialect in the Italian Commediaty of the last forty years"
Graduating in contemporary historical sciences.
Finalist at the Amarcort Film Festival 2014 - short screenplay section with "The power of money"
2001 - Participation in the VII international festival of classical youth theater in Syracuse with the Tragedia "Antigone". Teacher since 2008 of Literature, film laboratories. Secondary school.


Director / Writer  - Paolo Casarolli

Key Cast

Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa - “Antonio”
Simone Dumdam - “Marco”
Gian Franco Manenti - “The father”


Giff Gold Award Best ShortGiff Gold Awards LGBTQ

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