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A woman of Turkish ascent, following ancient anatolian healing rites, dreams her way through fragments of memory, both personal and collective. Guided by a mythological character, Kheiron the Centaur,
she travels freely between the ruins of an ancient Roman hospital and the streets of a mountain village, high above the river Euphrates. Time and space become dislocated, opening up passages between worlds. An inner experience translated into a film poem, Kazarken explores memory as a place of struggle against oblivion and the violences of hidden history.

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Film Credits


Güldem Durmaz

(born in 1971) lives and works between Brussels, Istanbul and Paris.

Her work includes, and sometimes mixes, film-making, video installations, and live performances.

Her short fiction films have been selected and rewarded in numerous international festivals.

Her first feature-length film, Kazarken - As We Dig, was completed in 2016.

Her work explores the connections between memory, language and cultural or transcultural identities, as she experiments with actors and non-actors, secret or invented languages, spaces and situations both real and oneiric.


Güldem Durmaz - Writer
Simon Backès - Writer
A Nous 2/ Güldem Durmaz & Simon Backès - Producer
CBA - Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bruxelles - Producer

Key Cast

Denis Lavant - “Kheiron”


Genré: Documentary, Experimental, Essay
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country of Origin: Belgium

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