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My Friend Artemis

The film follows Artemis, a Norwegian trans woman who wants to complete her transformation, with the challenges this brings in an early phase of the gender correction process.

My Friend Artemis film poster

Film Credits


Mads Sterri Nilsen

Mads Sterri Nilsen is a young Norwegian film director and producer. He is a former film student at NTNU with a masters degree in Cinematic Arts. The short-doc "My Friend Artemis (2020)" was made through NTNU's master program and the film is Nilsen's directing debut.


Mads Sterri Nilsen - Writer
Daniel Nilsen Bjørneraas - Writer
Daniel Nilsen Bjørneraas - Producer
Mads Sterri Nilsen - Producer
Daniel Nilsen Bjørneraas - Assistant Director
Eiríkur Björnsson - Director of Photography
Jonathan Sundt Rosland - Sound supervisor/designer
Magnus Lillemark - Editors
Mads Sterri Nilsen - Editors

Key Cast

Artemis Kjøllmoen Aarø


Genré: Gender Correction
Runtime: 24 minutes 49 seconds
Country of Origin: Norway

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