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The Ballad of Gia & Frankie

In late 2019, we uncovered footage unlike anything we had seen before. These videos portray the rise of wrestler Gia Savitz a.k.a. the Nomad, and his strange and hostile encounters with rival Frankie Firestarter.

This disturbing saga unfolded over a period of 11 months until the mysterious disappearance of Frankie.

This is their story.


The Ballad of Gia & Frankie Documentary film poster

Film Credits


John Victor Ambrose

Originally from New York, John is a film director and screenwriter for Jambone Pictures, as well as an entertainment attorney.

He currently lives in Amsterdam where he provides pro bono creative and legal support for LGBTQ+ and underprivileged artists, writers, and filmmakers, while developing his own projects.


John Victor Ambrose - Writer
Jackson Fox - Producer

Key Cast

Justin Ciardullo - “Gia Savitz”
Justin Ciardullo - “The Nomad”
Robert Politzer - “WVOX Radio Host”
Eric Faria - “Eric Faria (I AM with Eric Faria)”
Nelson Torres - “Nelson Torres”
Caroleen Stewart - “Caroleen Stewart” "


Genré: Sports
Runtime: 23 minutes 18 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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