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Black Sand

Once Known for its scenic beauty, the coastal region of Alappad in Kerala is now a graveyard. The raging sea and Black sand mining on the coast have engulfed half of the inhabitants’ land and houses. This documentary narrates the shocking reality of the lives of the people living there.
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Film Credits


Dr. Sohan Roy

Award Winning Hollywood Film Director, Founder Chairman & CEO - Aries Group of Companies, Naval Architect, Writer, Poet with Guinness Book and Oscar Entries


Harikumar - Writer Research & Script
Neha Nair - Writer Script Editor
Mrinalini R Writer Script Translator
Abhini Sohan Roy Producer
Johnson Iringole - Technical Director
Tinu Basil Paul - Camera
Vishnu P.P - Camera
Mahesh Ravindran - Editor
Bijin Krishna - Co-editor
Arun V.P - Graphics
Ramu Raveendranath - Graphics
B.R. Bijuram - Music
Anujith K.A - Sound Effects
Vipin V. Nair - Sound Mixing
Uttam Joy - Narrator


Genré: Environmental
Run Time: 21 minutes 31 seconds
Country of Origin: India

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