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Eliza Smiles

Eliza Smiles takes an observational lens into the uniquely crafted life of a vegan, lesbian, feminist stripper. Filmed during a point of psychological transformation in life of one person, themes of identity, choice, and passion swirl throughout with a reflective, avant-garde tone.

Filmed and directed in a naturalist style completely unscripted. An original score was created and recorded by Philadelphia based underground band Noise & Silence.
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Film Credits


Steven Jon

Steven Jon is a Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, and Founder of the art label OH YEAH COOL.

Steven has created non-fiction and live music projects with Grammy nominated artists ERIC ROBERSON, BEN O’NEILL, and Emmy Award winning musical director ADAM BLACKSTONE.

Steven’s projects include co-creating and directing the docu-series FAMILY TO THE RESCUE, author Lee Bacon’s BE NICE TO YOUR DEVICE by ABRAMS PUBLISHING, CONFESSIONS OF A CURIOUS BOOKSELLER, a short film based on the novel by author ELIZABETH GREEN for LAKE UNION PUBLISHING and AMAZON.


Steven Jon - Editor
Matthew Scott Johnston - Editor


Genré: Avant-Garde, Observational
Run Time: 11 minutes 5 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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