He Ara Anō
[There is another way]

“There is a demon on its way. It is a demon that will arrive stealthily and deviously.” These words, phophesised in 1883, could easily have been written about Jesse’s and Rochelle’s story of addiction – about lost childhoods, marital abuse, destructive behaviour and finally the road to recovery. Their story is all too familiar to Dame Naida Glavish DNZM, who uncovers long-forgotten truths Aotearoa has buried – revealing how a disconnection with wairua (spirituality) creates fertile ground for addiction to take hold of young wāhine such as Jesse and Rochelle.

He Ara Anō film poster

Film Credits


Holly Beckham

“Its now time we share our stories to help each other, we are all in the waka together.” Holly Beckham is one of those rare individuals who not only loves factual storytelling but has her own unique story as well. An aspiring documentary director, Holly’s life experiences drive her determination to help others; a creative desire to give others a voice. Friendly, confident, and with real-life leadership experience, it’s Holly’s enthusiastic nature that makes her stand out from other candidates. Holly’s passion for the film and television industry is matched by her authentic ability to reach out to others. This she puts down to her proud Ngapuhi, Ngati Rangi heritage, knowing that it’s what makes her multi-cultural approach so strong.


Holly Beckham - Writer
Holly Beckham - Producer

Key Cast

Dame Naida Glavish DMZM JP - "Dame Naida Glavish DMZM JP"
Jesse Tahau - "Jesse Tahau"
Rochelle Van Niekerk - "Rochelle Van Niekerk"


Genré: Documentary,
16 minutes 15 seconds
Country of Origin: New Zealand

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