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A short documentary about an adaptive surfer’s journey to restart.

Rebirth focuses on Benoit, a surfer from the Basque country, fighting for his love of riding waves after a freak accident resulted in him losing an arm. Through deep perseverance and an upbeat spirit, the challenge to adapt develops Benoit both physically and mentally. The journey pushes him to relearn and find freedom from surfing once again.

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Film Credits


Laura Basil Duncan

Laura Basil Duncan is a filmmaker who focuses on documentary film based around surfing and skateboarding, to highlight authentic radical stories. Laura spent two years working as a director’s assistant on the Kamali documentary about a single Indian woman’s fight for her daughter’s empowerment through skateboarding. Kamali was nominated for Best British Short Film at the BAFTA Awards and long-listed for an Oscar, alongside other global film festival awards and nominations in 2020.

Laura works as a content creator, and worked on short film Kofi and Lartey and Toyota’s Start Your Impossible campaign, highlighting real-life mobility stories of Olympic and Paralympic athletes who demonstrate the value of humility, hard work and never giving up. Laura believes in authentic stories that inspire change and have positive social impact.


Thomaz Crocco - In-Water Camera

Key Cast

Benoit Moreau


Genré: Documentary Sports Disability
Runtime: 5 minutes
Country of Origin: France

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