Fetal Stirrings

It is the story of “the earth seen from the aliens”.
How do aliens see the Earth and the Earthlings today?
Humans are the only species on earth that kill each other in the same species and destroy the homes in which they live.

It’s a story about how aliens see such things, and about the people involved with them.


Fetal Stirrings film poster

Film Credits


Teruki Kitazawa

I started to work as a child actor . I participated in theater companies and unit projects mainly in Tokyo. After that ,I expanded my activities to tour performances in various parts of Japan, join performances with Korean theater companies, festivals in Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland, Palestine tour performances, Cairo experimental theater festivals, etc. After that, I attended at film school. I make a community to create films 「Live film Pj」where you can get involved in filmmaking while sharing the process of filmmaking. Anytime anyone can join the community of 「Live film Pj」 on Facebook and through the site. It is not only a movie as an ornamental movie, but also a movie as a catalyst to understand the world through the movie and live better.


Teruki Kitazawa - Writer / Producer


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 50 seconds
Country of Origin: Japan

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