When Maimuna a young beautiful lady feels that she might lose her lover Suleimani, she decides to force him into taking an oath so they live together forever. Will the oath last for eternity?

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Film Credits


Amos Mwaki

Amos Mwaki is a highly imaginative and passionate awards winning filmmaker. I am the Managing Director of Lifedream Production and Mwaki Writers. I am a filmmaker with ten years of experience making a variety of films for a variety of industries. In the year 2012 I produced/directed full feature film – Shouting Silence. I have produced web series - The Last Bait, full feature film – Mathematics Lesson among others. In the year 2021 I Co-wrote and produced KIAPO – Full feature film. I am currently working on various full feature and TV series both locally and internationally.


Grace Mukuzi - Writer
Amos Mwaki - Writer
Amos Mwaki - Producer
Grace Mukuzi - Producer

Key Cast

A Mishi Athman Said - "Maimuna"
Benjamin Mweni Kahindi - "Sammy"
Leon Nkaduda Mwanamawe - "Suleiman"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes 38 seconds
Country of Origin: Kenya

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