October 22

The moment he sees her from a distant, he was able to identify that she is the one! The very first love of his life. Memories are rekindled, he remembers the days both used to celebrate their birthdays in primary school (October 22nd). He is so happy to see her again after decades, but not realizing that she is diagnosed with dementia; she is not able to remember her past. Will he be able to make her remember the days they used to be together?

October 22 film poster

Film Credits


Nauwroz Khan

Nauwroz Khan - Singapore Born Filmmaker Started as a coffee boy on a film set and gradually worked his way up in the camera department to become a Director of Photography. Cinematographer for Ads & local films/Dramas, "October 22" is his first attempt at Directing.


Nauwroz Khan - Writer
XapBox Media Pte Ltd - Producer
Jacintha Suresh - Producer
James Hia - Director Of Photography / Cinematography
Rohit Krishnan - Assistant Director

Key Cast

A Panneeirchelvam
Sithira Thevi
Yasini Murugayah
Surendran Ananthan


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 48 minutes 48 seconds
Country of Origin: Singapore

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