Public Eye

A children’s entertainer falls from grace when NSFW content of him circulates online.

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Film Credits


Davo Hardy

Davo Hardy is a film director and writer from Sydney, Australia. Known for his coming-of-age dramas, such as his debut feature The Lives We Lead (2015). Many of Davo's screenplays depict the inclusion of profoundly deaf characters, notably portraying authentic Auslan sign language in films such as A Silent Agreement (2017), and the award-winning short film Last Night (2011). He is also known for quirky and off-beat works, such as his naturist-themed short, Complex (2014).


Davo Hardy - Writer / Producer

Key Cast

Davo Hardy - "Elliott Sinclair"
Caroline McQuade - "Marcia Sinclair"
Jason Spindlow - "Chas Barrett"
Talin Agon - "Lindsay Sinclair"
British Flower - "Francine Tucker"
Justine Scali - "Beryl Langmead"
Gary Patni - "Rohan Khanna"


Genré: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 2 hours
Country of Origin: Australia

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