Sticky Situations

A single mother encountering life’s struggles is faced with decisions that will change her life. She jumps into the business of illegal cannabis sales. She begins to draw attention from the neighborhood hustlers and the envy grows. Caught in a dilemma she has to make quick moves, but will she escape her unforeseen circumstances, or will she remain stuck in the Sticky Situation that she created?

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Film Credits


Nichelle Taylor

Raised in the Midwest, Kansas City, Missouri, Nichelle Taylor was destined for success as her love and passion for the arts inspired her to write at a young age. Nichelle wrote poetry to use as an avenue to express her thoughts and feelings about the world from her perspective. Nichelle utilized her time reading and expanding her knowledge on topics of her interest which broaden her imaginary mind. Her parents realized early on that she was a visionary. As an avid reader at the age seven and an excelling student in the areas of reading and writing, Nichelle advanced one grade level while in the fourth grade. Her academic excellence caused the Superintendent of Kansas City Schools to note and tribute her in the Kansas City Star Newspaper as the only fourth grader able to recite the United States Constitution by memory.


Nichelle Taylor - Writer / Producer

Key Cast

Alexandria Rozenblad - "Nelly"
Howard Harden - "Rico"
Rashaad Smith - "Duke"


Genré: Drama Action
Runtime: 2 hours 6 minutes 18 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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