DEUS VULT: God Wills It

In a post-apocalyptic world the lone traveler, Gabriel, travels across a barren landscape and wanders into a small, western town run by a warlord. Gabriel encounters Joan, a young woman who finds solace in her faith, and she hopes to create a rebellion against the tyrant, Caliban. As Caliban’s forces close in on the resistance, Gabriel must choose to leave the town behind him or stay and fight for their freedom. ​
DEUS VULT film poster

Film Credits


Shane Fairbanks


Olivia Burmeister - Writer
Shane Fairbanks - Writer
Shane Fairbanks - Producer

Key Cast

Olivia Burmeister - "Joan"
Seth Babcock - "Gabriel"
Philip Snyder - "Lucius Caliban"
Logan Rigdon - "Micah"
Stefan Novakovic - "Yuri"
Camden Capser - "Patrick"
Ann Morgan - "Annie"
Ava Fink - "Isabelle"
Christian Ross - "Logan"


Genré: Western, drama, dystopian, action
Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes 26 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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