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Drawn Like Moths

Drawn Like Moths is a self-funded full length feature filmed entirely in Washington state by first time filmmaker Joe Fredrickson. This sci-fi thriller follows friends on a camping trip that ends up being more trip than camping.

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Film Credits


Joe Fredrickson

Joe Fredrickson is a composer and producer, known for Drawn like Moths, Death Stare (2019) and Frag Out! (2021)


Joe Fredrickson - Writer
Joe Fredrickson - Producer
Tony Gasperetti - Producer
Alex Stout - Producer
Marcee Mickelle - Producer
Thomas Fredrickson - Producer

Key Cast

Alina Chop - “Mikki”
Zez Nkasu - “Seth”
Tim Jordan - “Lawrence”
Marcee Mickelle - “Allie”
Alex Stout - “Dave”
Nickolas Kieper - “Zeke”
Abie Ekenezar - “Keats”
M'Kayla Silva - “Taylor”
Darryl Robert Small - “Adam”
Katy Bab - “Woman in the Red Dress”
Mandi Wickline - “Dr. Dylan”
Shannon Erickson - “Charlie”
Dexter Morgenstern - “Alpha”
Christina Fuller - “Sierra”
Gina Kessler - “Tango”
Wes Miles - “Oscar”
Bradford Fredrickson - “Morris”
Tony Gasperetti - “Officer Jenkins”
Colton Geil - “Graham”


Genré: Sci-fi thriller
Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes 26 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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