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Not in the Dark

A group of friends headed out for spring break get lost in the woods. During their hurried search as the sun begins to set, they find themselves being stalker by a killer in the night.

Not in the Dark film poster

Film Credits


Mathew Ryan Bonta


Mathew Bonta - Writer
Mathew Bonta - Producer
Rose Bonta - Producer
Casey Alden - Editing
Mathew Bonta - Editing
Casey Alden - Director of Photography
Mathew Bonta - Effects
Shania Bonta - Effects

Key Cast

Alexis Brandt - “Eve”
Makayla Horrocks - “Sister”
Ashley Cortez - “Faith”
Robert Simpson - “Trevor”
Jesse Gaddis - “Steve”
Kenny Osgood - “Handsome”
Ryan Corrigan - “Kincaid”
Jesika Bonta - “Denise”
Paul Sifre - “Marine”
Dakota Kimes - “Ugly”
Madisen Ramil - “Jamie”
Mathew Bonta - “Hood”
s Darrell Easley - “Father”
Wesley Wells - “Drunk”
Connor Stipanovich - “Customer”


Genré: Horro
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

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