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Foods For Coping

Foods For Coping

Foods For Coping

Film Type: Short
Genres: Family Drama
11 minutes 31 seconds

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A Chinese single mother, Hui, grapples with the fallout of discovering her 16-year-old daughter’s pregnancy. Headstrong and brilliant, Yilin refuses to terminate her pregnancy and safeguard her future. As the two are caught in a violent impasse, Hui calls on help from the mother of Yilin’s boyfriend — an act that may jeopardise her relationship with her daughter forever.

Director Biography

Zoey Zhao is an Auckland-based Chinese filmmaker. She majored in editing for a Bachelor’s Degree and graduated in 2020 with a Masters in Screen Production at the University of Auckland. Fueled by a never-ending urge to challenge herself, Zoey was the producer, writer, editor, production designer as well as the director for Foods For Coping. She has a profound insight from the background of working on set and behind the camera, she is capable of giving the audience a comprehensive and fulfilling experience by focusing on a contemporary social issue and the relationship upheaval surrounding it.


Director/Writer/Producer – Zoey Zhao

Writer – Malinna Liang

Key Cast

Joan Liu – “Hui”
Jessie Yu – “Yilin”
Amanda Billing – “Christy”

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