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Ghosts That Cry in the Dark

Ghosts That Cry in the Dark

Ghosts That Cry in the Dark

Film Type: Short
Genres: Action, Triller
Runtime: 12 minutes 59 seconds

An ex special forces French military man is on a mission to expose a dark secret in his chosen country of retirement - Australia. However, his old nemesis has travelled across the globe to stop him. This could be a futile operation, as he knows the Frenchman will stop at nothing to expose the truth.

Director Biography - Kain Baigent. Acting on stage directed by my father as early as 9, then at 13, starting out acting again as an adult at 28. Being invited as a guest at the actors studio in NY, run by Frank Corsaro, many acting classes later, acting for a rep theatre in New Zealand in my early 30's, with music intertwined, dorment again until my mid 40's until my late 40's, into my 50's-deciding to make my own films, and write my Novella for inspiration to re ignite an artistic flame.


Director / Writer /Producer - Kain Baigent

Producer - Shalonda SJ Johnson

Key Cast

Kain Baigent - “Armand Bouton”
Darren Mort - “Perry Jones”
John Bolger - “Jim Styles”
Rosa Leonardi - “Daniela”
Noray Nebray - “Patrice”
Benjamine Bonnice - “Ben”

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