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3 Coups - LASTCALL

3 Coups – LASTCALL

Film Type: Short
Genres: Experimental
Runtime: 19 minutes

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Life in a ordinary café is disrupted by the intrusion of a weird and authoritative woman who starts manipulating the customers as if they were puppets. In spite of themselves, they become both spectators and actors in a somewhat macabre drama. In this café turned into a stage, the life of a man from his birth to his death is (being) told. The story of his fate, bound to choices that are not always choices. The story of a mysterious man, in turn surprising or frightening, maybe because deep down we are very much like him. But is it just a game? Where is the story leading us to? Are we the spectators or the actors of that life?

Director Biography

Mathieu Baillargeon was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1976. Trained as a film editor, he comes back to France in 1998, after studying a year in London, with the script of his first short film, L’Aquarium. The film is awarded the Best Experimental award at the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival in 2001. Last Call is his second fiction short film.


Director/Writer/Producer – Mathieu Baillargeon

Key Cast

Jennifer Wesse – The Mistress of Ceremony
Clément Victor – The Winner of the Day

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