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Bodies At Bagley

Bodies At Bagley

Bodies At Bagley

Bodies At Bagley

Film Type: Long Short
Genres: Thriller
Runtime: 22 minutes 49 seconds

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While performing his first autopsy alone, Victor must fight off his lazy co-worker, a crooked cop, a creepy junkie and what seems to be an unsolvable case. Is it murder, suicide or accidental death? Only the corpse knows, and even though she can talk, she's no help at all.


Director/Writer/Producer - Stephen Florentine
Writer/Producer - Kris Caster
Producer - Krissi Kinney

Key Cast

Sean Lee - “Victor”
Dennis Doyle Jr. - “Carlyle”
Kimberly Cruchon Brooks - “Detective Lorelai”
Rachel Biber - “Lori Burr”
Krissi Kinney - “Alison Burr”

Bodies at Bagley Winner Silver Award Long Short

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