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No Fruit at the Bottom

No Fruit at the Bottom

No Fruit at the Bottom

No Fruit at the Bottom

Film Type: Feature Film
Genres: Contemporary Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes 22 seconds
SCREENING 30.09.20

This is a true story.

Ten-year old Ashley has his world is turned upside down. Abandoned by his mother, leaving his father on the verge of suicide, two babysitters are introduced who abuse Ashley mentally and physically. Not wanting to cause his father any more pain Ashley deals with the abuse alone. The trauma follows him into adult life and now he wants to hurt others as he was.

Ashley is dating Karen and sets himself the goal of cheating on Karen with her half sister Sophie. Ashley talks directly to camera, breaking the fourth wall and we the audience get to hear his undiluted thoughts and sterile sermons delivered in the hope of traumatising the audience listening in.

Director Biography

First time writer/directing project.

This full length feature was shot in just eight days days. Self funded, produced, written and directed.


Director/Writer/Producer - Mark Wilson

Key Cast

Kane Surrey - “Ashley Caine”
John Ciesar - “Danny Ciesar”

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 2 will be announced shortly.

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