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Rider: Restart

Rider: Restart

Rider: Restart

Film Type: Long Short
Genres: Drama
37 minutes 52 seconds

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A young rider is on the path to success. He spends time with friends. Falls in love. But an accident turns his whole life upside down. The young man is seriously injured. Sitting in a wheelchair, he recalls moments from happier times and tries to understand what went wrong. Having broken off all relations with his friends and his girlfriend, he is ready to give up. But still he finds the strength to do what is really important for him.


Director/Writer – Anton Okulov
Producer – Kristina Matosyan
Producer – Mariya Polupanova

Key Cast

Igor Andrew – “Andrew”
Alexey Sakharov – “Ilya
Anastaiya Vinogradova – “Alina

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 2 will be announced shortly.


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