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A.D. 2019

If God were to speak to a man today, he would probably do it through a smartphone.

Joseph is a mature man in his fifties. He and his young, beautiful wife named Maria struggle with a problem of infertility. One day, when Maria comes back from a short vacation, the situation changes completely. Joeph has to face the issues of loyalty and trust. He starts getting signs from Go… from Google.

A.D. 2019 is a biblical story we all know – retold. From a very contemporary perspective.


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Film Credits


Jan Groblinski

Born 08.01.1993 in Lodz, Poland A graduate of Cinematography Department in Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School. He has gained a wide film experience shooting several dozen projects - narrative, commercial and documentary. He has been shooting both in Poland and abroad: in Haiti, Azarbaijan, Lithuania, Austria and Germany. His etudes and films he made as a cinematographer were presented at festivals such as Camerimage, Go Debut European Film Festival or Gdynia Film Festival. In 2016, he received a Ministry of Culture Scholarship for outstanding achievements in art. He visited Los Angeles and Holywood-based film companies at the invitation of the Polish Film Festival in LA offered to selected students from Polish film schools.


Jan Groblinski - Writer
Katarzyna Stańczuk - Producer

Key Cast

Tomasz Schimscheiner - “Joseph”
Helena Ganjalyan - “Maria”


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 24 minutes 20 seconds
Country of Origin: Poland

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