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The Birdcage

A story of the man with Tourette syndrome, the life that’s been stopped from the minute he was born and the choice he took to make it grow. Story of one prisoner and his escape.

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Film Credits


Alexander Ivanov

My biography - my films. My films - parts of my soul. My soul is me.

My debut 'The Birdcage' have been selected to XXV international 'Capri,Hollywood' festival. The Birdcage have 15 nominations & 18 wins.

The mission of our films is to make spectators shine. It's so much deeper than just a stories and characters in it. It's about the core of human beings and the energy in it.


Alexander Ivanov - Writer

Key Cast

Daniil Solovyev - “Bogdan”
Sergey Churackov - “Pavel”
Urii Goroshevskiy - “inspector”


Genré: Drama, Thriller, Arthouse
Runtime: 39 minutes
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

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