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The Misfit

Lucas Budd, a shoplifter who has been sent to do hard time, wants out. Finally, he gets his wish granted – with a twist. As a sign of good faith, he is sent to work at the King Zeus Café, his last hit point before being arrested! Lucas must now make amends with the owner of the café, Brooke, while constantly battling difficult customers, sticky situations and financial trouble…

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Film Credits


Chris Tailor

Chris Tailor (born Christopher Papadopoulos on April 2nd 2003), is a young filmmaker who grew up in London. He has a YouTube channel called See Chris and has worked on different short promotional films and short movies like The Misfit with his small production group, Ice Bear Productions.


Chris Tailor - Writer
Chris Tailor - Producer

Key Cast

Alexey Snegirev - “Lucas Budd”
Alexia Theodorou - “Brooke Simmons”
Emilios Anastasi - “Will Jackson”
Sofia Ignatiou - “Chloe Davies”


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 25 minutes 4 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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