Against my will

Valérie, a successful woman, happy in her couple, has left her consulting firm to open a very popular restaurant. Unfortunately, her life is suddenly turned upside down when the second lockdown of the French population was announced. At the end of her rope, psychologically exhausted and financially weakened, Valérie is now on the edge of the precipice. With no lifeline on the horizon and as she retreats into herself, she slowly succumbs to an insidious addiction much to the dismay of those close to her.
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Film Credits


Nils Lane

After making his first short-film out of passion in 2005 at the age of 19, Nils Lane then devoted himself to his engineering studies and his professional career. Fifteen years later, he decides to immerse himself entirely in the cinematographic universe he has liked so much since his earliest childhood. A multitasking man, he takes care of the screenwriting, the directing and all the other stages of his self-financed productions.

He likes to write and direct his films with one thing in mind "Nothing is what it seems". Indeed, there is one point where he makes no concessions : the story. This is the foundation for any movie and for him, if it is badly prepared, it will be felt throughout the rest of the film. This is why he spends a lot of time on the writing and especially on the part where he will surprise the viewers. This leads him to enjoy the science fiction and fantasy genres but he enjoys amazing the audience in drama or thriller as well.


Nils Lane - Writer
Nils Lane - Producer
Mathieu Vernaison - Assistant Directors
Nawal Zouak - Assistant Directors
Alexandra Battereau - Script and Continuity Department
Arthur Doué - Music
Julien Streiff - Sound Department

Key Cast

Lydie Misiek - "Valérie"
Simon Gagnage - "Marc"
Guillemette Dumont - "The therapist"
Maiya Sinclair - "Phoebe"
Valérie Enquin - "Valérie's mother"
Soledad Martin - "Valérie's sister"
Benjamin Chouchan - "Laurent"
Amandine Bataille - "The policewoman"
Nils Lane - "The policeman"
Fréderic Remblière - "Male staff"
Océane Saulnier - "The client"
Katia Bardy - "Woman staff"


Genré: Lockdown Drama
Runtime: 28 minutes 29 seconds
Country of Origin: France

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