Basement of Dr Widlow

Dr Widlow hosts a horror anthlogy of stories from his Basement
Basement of Dr Widlow poster

Film Credits


James Billian

Autistic filmmaker James Billian is a study in determination. He's the type of young man who follows through on his goals and aspirations, which are many. Billian has exhibited a life-long interest in the arts, including poetry and filmmaking. Filmmakers of all ages can be inspired by Billian's childhood dream: "When I grow up I want to be an artist. I think it would be really cool to create things." Billian has more than lived up to his promise.


James Billian - Writer
Phred Borrego - Writer
Liz Christmas - Writer
Mark Shell - Writer .
Dean Osgood - Writer
James Billian - Producer

Key Cast

Phred Borrego - “Dr widlow , professor hollings , and preist.”
Dominique Clark - “pete's nurse , Liz Ellsworth.”
Madison Borrego - “ sonia middlefield ,anabella ”
Paul Sexton - “phillip glasters”
Angnes Diaz - “agnes ”
Eric Pletcher - “priest”
Travon Budd - “the balzinickel”
Lamine Yilla - “frank angleford ,”
Chris Renneker - “running man.”


Genré: Horror
Runtime: 34 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

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