Orpheus In The Underground

Orpheus the bard is reminiscing about his ex wife Eurydice, as he heads off to the underworld, the London Underground in search of his wife.
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Film Credits


Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan is a Writer, Producer, DIrector and Actor, and Artist and Philosopher. He wrote, produced, directed and acted in the short film "The Best Dreamers" based partly on his life as a student in the London Metropolitan University in North London, in the UK. He studied English Literature and Philosophy, while at University he was the president of the fencing club and a keen fencer with the foil, he didn't complete his degree, completing 2 years and dropping out there after.

Tipu also wrote, produced, directed and acted in the short film "Orpheus In The Underground" with the Greek myth of Orpheus the Minstrel/Bard set in and transposed to the London Underground. Tipu played the role of Hades the God of the Underground/Underworld.


Tipu Sultan - Writer
Giuliano Zampi - Writer
Tipu Sultan - Producer

Key Cast

Teddie Hargrave - "Ella Shelley"
Ruggero Barlaba - "Damian Shaw"
Eric Le Godec - "Henry Duvall"


Genré: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance
Runtime: 23 minutes
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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