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Locked Up

Locked Up - Dr. Cuz & Friends

Locked Up

Locked Up

Film Type: Music Video
Artist: Dr Cuz & Friends
Runtime: 3 minutes 22 seconds
This is a song / music video about stumbling around in these frightening and crazy times. It's about feeling Locked Up ... in a Strange World.
Director Biography

Paul Cozens is an actor, musician and singer-songwriter, who is new to film making. Being locked down for weeks on end inspired this song and video.

Peter Renzullo is a film maker and audio producer, with many music video productions and albums. He recently released his debut feature film, ANTICIPATION, which has won 17 international awards to date. He is currently producing his next two feature films, with many smaller productions in the pipeline along the way.

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 2 will be announced shortly.

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