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One Second In Time

One Second In Time

One Second In Time

Film Type: Student Short
Genres: Experimental
Runtime: 7 minutes 45 seconds

One Second In Time follows the life of Adam through his melancholy and somewhat mind-numbing view on life, as he reminisces his past and tries to invigorate the optimism he was once engulfed in as a child. The story is layered by narrations from the protagonist as an older wiser man, recounting his values and experiences. The reason why the protagonist narrates his own life is to echo his disconnection to himself as he is only truly able to reconcile with himself by passing on his knowledge. In the case of Adam this is a plea of redemption. A warning to the next generation not to follow down the same path of heartache and pain as he did.

Nonetheless, his plea is only met with resentment and rejection, continuing the cycle. Generally, there is intended to be a positive message of self-realization and self-identity, to understand that mistakes in his relationships are what build his character.

Director Biography - Edward Collins
I am a VCE media student who has a passion for film making. One second in time was my of my year 12 final short films. I first became interested in making films when I was younger and would create short animations This filming interest later evolved into producing skits and music videos to now directing and producing short films.


Director / Writer /Producer - Edward Collins

Key Cast

George Pana - “Adam ”
Abbey Hutcheon - “Emma ”
Tom Hall - “teenager ”
Charlie Eames - “child”

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