A Darker Kind of Mind

Online journalist Veronica Graves seems to be obsessed with the recent surge of missing persons cases in Melbourne. When trying to push for more exposure of her work she is declined by her boss. Upon arriving home somewhat deflated, Veronica goes through her nightly routine where something darker seems to be going on.

Film Credits


Nathan Klooger

Nathan is an always optimistic confident guy, looking to do the best he can. He is absolutely obsessed with telling stories. He has a background in short film and theatre directing, with films such as 'Midnight Cut' and 'Wish You Were Here.' At the end of the day Nathan just wants to make the audience feel something, a chill, a shiver or maybe even a smile. With his keen and sharpened mind for characters he is always ready to present you with his ideas, and take on those stories that he believes the people will love!


Nathan Klooger - Writer
Samantha Harris - Producer

Key Cast

Vivian Nguyen - "Veronica Graves"
Guy Talon - "Daniel Carrum"
Marie Werret - "Melissa Fregnan"


Genré: Thriller, Horror, Crime
Runtime: 6 minutes 15 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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