A young father questions himself and the confines of traditional life as the boundaries of his sexuality are tested. Numb to life, Francisco pursues his awakened feelings, embarking on an abstract journey into his heart, mind, and soul. Surrealist scenes and story beats will drive a nonlinear narrative, engaging the audience on a subconscious and emotional level.

Film Credits


Yohanon Doron

Yohanan grew up in a conservative multi- cultural home, living between the American midwest and the Middle East. Ultimately moving to Israel in his early 20’s seeking ad- venture and stories to tell. His unique life ex- perience has created a special awareness of the human condition and a body of work that exhibits an ability to see beyond cultures, faiths, and borders.
Yohanan’s work includes directing music videos, documentaries, producing art ex- hibitions, and more. Earning accolades for his work in short films and music videos as well as an art piece that debuted as the cornerstone installa- tion at a sold-out art exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Yohanon Doron - Writer
Marina Ippolito - Writer
Avi Berne - Producer

Key Cast

Caraly Sanchez - "Maria "
Uriel Mendoza - "Fransisco "
Americo Del Rio - "Miguel "


Genré: Drama, Thriller, Romance
Runtime: 11 minutes 28 seconds
Country of Origin: Israel

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