Black Bag

Two US Marines are trapped behind enemy lines with vague mission objectives and an even more mysterious package…

Black Bag film poster

Film Credits


Lee Foster

Lee Foster grew up in the GTA, and has been making films since his teenage years.

In the last decade Lee has produced and directed a number of short films, and has placed in a number of film festivals.

In 2013 he produced and directed his first feature film, Something Bad. In 2017 he produced 'Nuptials', before producing and directing his second feature 'The Duke of Crows' in January of 2018.


Lee Foster - Writer
Dave Poulin - Writer
Lee Foster - Producer
Dave Poulin - Producer
John Fleming - Associate Producers
Ben Blais - Associate Producers
Jeff Hanson - Associate Producers

Key Cast

Steve Kasan - "Thomas Stenner"
Paul Chiusolo - "Randy Tallsman"
Rob Notman - "Robert McDougal"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 10 minutes
Country of Origin: Canada

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