Bloom tells the lighthearted comedic tale of Betty, an elderly woman whose rich inner life belies her seemingly conventional appearance.

The impromptu discovery of her 60’s hit single and beloved, colourful scarf catapults Betty into a dancing reverie. When her daughter Greta sends a tactless gift, Betty’s rebellious nature comes to the fore in an hilarious act of defiance.

Bloom is a celebration of life, age and dancing to your own tune!


Bloom film poster

Film Credits


Paul De Cinque

Paul De Cinque [deh-chin-kweh] is currently completing a Masters of Film and Narrative at the Victorian College of the Arts in Victoria Australia. He has a love for genre film making and has written and directed many short screenplays. He is currently writing his first feature film, which he will shoot after graduating from University.


Paul De Cinque - Writer

Key Cast

Margaret Gorton - "Betty"
Fiona Stewart - "Greta"


Genré: Comedy
Runtime: 8 minutes 40 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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