Call Danny

James and Deano are all out of weed, so they decide to call Danny to get some more.

Call Danny film poster

Film Credits


Jesse Galofaro

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Jesse has been making short films since he was a teenager.

His artistic nature and creative ambition led him to discover a strong passion for the art of filmmaking.

Using film and video as his medium of choice, he began making short films and videos, directing and editing them himself.

Making shorts films is something he has done purely for the love of filmmaking and the expression of art.


esse Galofaro - Writer
Jesse Galofaro, Sal Galofaro - Producer

Key Cast

Ron Jacobson - "Baz"
James Liotta - "Damo"
Sal Galofaro - "Danny"
Ryan Puddicombe - "James"
Kelly Cupo - "Kelly"
Ricky Elkins - "Deano"


Genré: Horror, Comedy, Action
Runtime: 12 minutes 27 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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