Crushed Wings

Based on true-life events, this English spoken Drama Film boldly challenges dangerously prevalent and outdated ideas surrounding Female Gentile Mutilation/FGM. The story of brave Ria, an FGM survivor who tries to find strength through the impossible.

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Film Credits


Lalit Bhusal

Lalit Bhusal is an award-winning filmmaker, director, and tutor from England and Netherlands (Working in between)

He enjoys working Internationally on social and human rights topics.

His current award-winning feature film CRUSHED WINGS aims to tackle cultural and social taboos in societies, aiming to change mindset with regard to abusive cycles which have been passed on through generations.


Lalit Bhusal - Writer
Kieran Atherton ( co-writer) - Writer
Lalit Bhusal - Producer

Key Cast

Tania Staite - "Emma"
Oznur Cifci - "Ria"
Nisaro Karim - "Raja"
Bhasker Patel - "Masood"
Jet Summan - "Hira"
Parixit Bikram Rana - "Hamid"
Sabina Pradhan - "Amina"
Rojina Bhusal - "Young Ria"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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