Dashboard Dogs

An aspiring serial killer clashes with a fellow wannabe over targeting innocents, while a third, genuine serial killer has all of them in her sights.

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Toco has been doing small corporate videos for clients. He realised that through writing, shooting, editing, and producing these, he had acquired all the skills to make a feature film nearly single-handedly. All he needed was to persuade a few actors... Shot on weekends, "Dashboard Dogs" is the result. Toco wrote, directed, produced, shot and edited the film, as well as doing the production design, props, paintings and catering. He did every post-production role too (editing, visual effects, sound design) but teamed up with others to write the music, while professionals finished the sound mix. The film was made for less than 40k Australian (30k US). He has begun filming his next low-budget feature that focuses on the female members of an Australian crime family.


Toco - Writer / Producer

Key Cast

Nigel Agyekumhene - "Leo"
John McCullough - "Tony"
Nichola Jayne - "Gretel"
Grant Young - "Jesse"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country of Origin: Australia

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