When John takes a seat on a bench at a park, a stranger Arrian starts a conversation with John. As the conversation develops, strange things begin to happen to John. While John cannot grasp what is going on, Arrian tells John that he has to decide now whether will he takes a bus leaving in a few minutes that can get him to the true “Destination”.

Film Credits


James Dongkeon Lee

Postgrad film student at Humber College. Previously he studied Theology and Social Welfare at Seoul Theological University, and his passion for film led him to the film industry. In his first semester at Humber, he wrote and directed a one-minute virtual film as well as a short documentary, and as his thesis transmedia project, he wrote and directed the short film “Destination”.


James Dongkeon Lee - Writer
James Dongkeon Lee - Producer
Caitlin Devon - Assistant Director
Shehryar Shaukat - Cinematographer
Sarah Lefebvre - Sound
Gwangjin Jung - Music
James Dongkeon Lee - Music

Key Cast

Christopher Sterling - "John"
Luciano Iogna - "Arrian"


Genré: Drama, Fantasy
Runtime: 9 minutes 2 seconds
Country of Origin: Canada

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