Emily or Oscar?

As a love letter to old Hollywood, Emily or Oscar is a ‘Hollywood golden era’ throwback romantic comedy. With silent film references and Hollywood studio life, everyone is sure to get a laugh as they take a ride through screenwriter, Sam Feldman’s wild imagination. But what happens when a Hollywood director makes him choose between the Academy Award, and the woman of his dreams?

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Film Credits


Chris M. Allport

Thrust into spotlight at the tender age of four, Christopher M. Allport was quickly discovered fearlessly singing America the Beautiful — standing atop a grand piano at a local Japanese restaurant — by former Radio City Rockette, Madylin Clark. Thrown immediately into classes taught by Hollywood golden-era pioneers, and drilled in the disciplines, arts and techniques of television, film, theater, music and dance, Allport earned his stage debut at the Pantages for the Walt Disney Company by the age of ten.

After earning his BA, in Film Production, magna cum laude, with double minors in classical music and journalism, from Loyola Marymount University, Allport continued his studies in the private studios of Maria Newman, the Mary Pickford Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation, the Hearst Foundation and in the editorial traditions of legendary Oscar winner, Walter Murch.

Following a successful career as a professional young performer, working with directors, musicians and performers like Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Michael Kamen, Carol Burnett and Debbie Reynolds, Mr. Allport realized that basking in the golden-era’s afterglow wouldn’t satisfy his ambitions for contemporary content creation and storytelling.


Chris M. Allport - Writer
Christopher M. Allport - Producer
Susan Boyd Joyce - Producer
Aleta Braxton - Producer
Casara Clark - Producer
Harvey Kubernik - Producer
Justin Pierce - Producer
Ismaël Lotz - Producer
Robert J MacColl - Producer
Barbara Rew - Producer
Fansu Njie - Producer

Key Cast

Susan Blakely - "The Agent"
Chris M. Allport - "Sam Feldman"
Casara Clark - "Emily Arthur"
Stephen Kalinich - "The Prophet"
Ismael Lotz - "The Director / Mysterious Director / Douglass Fairbanks"
Jeanne Russell - "Theatre Manager"
Susan Boyd - "Mary Pickford"
Garrett M. Brown - "Himself"
Whitney Besnfield - "Veronica"
Savannah Kennick - "Secretary Samantha"
Cynthia Lea Clark - "Emily's Mother"
Krystal Ker - "Chatty Cathy"
Ren Aranda - "Lawyer Laura"
Jesus Perez - "Guy at Bar"
Lashette Showers - "Movie Goer #1"
Kristin Towers Rowles - "Mama Make Up"
Judy Louise Johnson - "Nina Thomas"
Kelly Franett - "Stephen Wolf"
Dan Barbenel - "Charlie Chaplin / The Wandering Minstrel"


Genré: Rom-Com, Musical
Runtime: 1 hour 59 minutes 56 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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