Louise has spent her live struggling with her hereditary heart condition, being coddled by everyone around her. But when she spots Magnus swimming naked in the Copenhagen canals mid-winter, she finally finds someone who does not coddle her, but rather challenges her to push her boundaries. Their relationship intensifies as they struggle to trust one another. Things take a dramatic turn when Magnus invites Louise to his favourite winter swimming spot, unaware of her condition and Louise’s destructive drive to escape her limits.

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Film Credits


Marley Hasselbach

Marley Hasselbach is a 27-year old aspiring filmmaker based out of Copenhagen. With a background in theatre writing- and directing, Marley enjoys creating visual, character-driven stories.


Marley Hasselbach - Writer
Ditte Juel - Producer
Maria-Louise Madsen - Producer
Bjørn Vea - Director of Photography

Key Cast

Niels Knop Madsen - "Magnus "
Mikka Chantal Deleuran - "Louise"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 18 minutes 7 seconds
Country of Origin: Denmark

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